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Binocular vision dysfunction, or BVD, is a condition in which the line of sight of one of your eyes differs from the other eye. This puts additional stress on your eye muscles as they try to properly re-align your eyes so you can see clearly. Read on as your eye doctors for headaches with eye movement talk about this vision problem in detail.

What Is Binocular Vision Dysfunction?

What Causes BVD?

A lot of factors may affect BVD development. Those born with congenital head deformities may have problems with their binocular vision. Increasing age, head trauma and injuries that cause facial nerve damage may also lead to misaligned eyes as one of their complications. These structural infirmities may force your eye muscles to work twice as hard as they constantly try to help you achieve single-focus eyesight.

What Happens When You Have BVD?

The heavy strain on your eye muscles may cause them to overwork, making it difficult for you to carry out even simple tasks. This why you feel the need to see eye doctors for headaches while reading. You may also have dizziness, blurry eyesight and double vision. You may feel disoriented at times, as well. You may experience symptoms that are not related to your vision, such as neck, shoulder and back pain. While some may only have one symptom at a time, others may have to deal with multiple episodes at once.

How Is BVD Diagnosed and Managed?

With the complexity of its symptoms, BVD can be hard to detect and manage. Many patients with BVD have been incorrectly diagnosed with migraines or vertigo. Fortunately, Dr. Erin Sonneberg is one of the eight optometrists in the country, and the only one in Florida, who is certified to identify and treat BVD. We’ll first perform a comprehensive eye exam to check for signs of this condition.

We use special lenses and lights to see which of your eye muscles are misaligned. Upon confirming BVD, your eye doctors for pain with eye movement may use prismatic lenses in your eyeglasses. These special lenses reposition the images you see according to your eyes’ natural position. You’ll eventually notice that you don’t experience eye strain or fatigue as much. On average, using the prismatic lenses can relieve up to 70-80% of BVD symptoms within just a few months.

For more information about BVD, call us at (561) 733-9008. You may also complete our form to schedule an appointment to have your eyes checked for this condition. We serve various FL areas, including Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Lake Worth.