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Neurovisual Treatment in Boynton Beach, FL

Boynton Beach FloridaIf you suffer from binocular vision dysfunction, chances are it’s impacting your life in a number of painful ways. Do you experience unrelenting dizziness , constant headaches or nausea? Even symptoms like anxiety or panic attacks can be caused by eye misalignment.

Eye misalignment can be inherited — one eye may be just slightly higher than the other — or brought on by trauma, like a car accident or sports injury. When the eyes become misaligned, the ocular muscles have to work overtime to correct your vision, often becoming strained by the extra effort. This eye strain is what causes binocular vision dysfunction, and its effects can be debilitating.

Doctors and specialists in other fields commonly misdiagnose binocular vision dysfunction, making it difficult and time-consuming for patients to find relief.

How We Can Help

NeuroVisual Specialists of Florida and iSee VisionCare is the only neurovisual specialist in the state of Florida treating binocular vision dysfunction. Dr. Erin Sonneberg, OD, studied under the foremost researcher in eye misalignment conditions, Dr. Debby Feinberg of Vision Specialists of Michigan. Today, people from all over the country visit NeuroVisual Specialists of Florida and iSee VisionCare to be treated by Dr. Sonneberg.

If you think you may suffer from binocular vision dysfunction, we can help. The first thing our team will do is evaluate the muscles surrounding your eyes for signs of strain or fatigue. If we find misalignment, we will fit you with aligning prismatic lenses. Many patients report relief almost immediately. Over the course of two to three months, we will fine-tune your prescription as your eyes become realigned and your symptoms fade.

Improve Your Vision, Improve Your Life

NeuroVisual Specialists of Florida and iSee VisionCare is the only neurovisual optometrist in the state of Florida. We treat patients for binocular vision dysfunction in Boynton Beach, FL. Call us today at (561) 733-9008 or contact us online.