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Neuro-Visual Evaluation

During a neuro-visual evaluation, Dr. Sonneberg evaluates the six muscles that surrounds each eye. This evaluation uses patented equipment and many non- invasive tests that you probably have not seen before (even if you recently had an eye exam).  

She is able to determine if there is a small misalignment of the two eyes, that would normally not get picked up during a routine eye exam.  When the two eyes do not coordinate and work well together it is called a binocular vision disorder (BVD).  The most common type of BVD is called vertical heterophoria.

Neuro-Visual Evaluation

Some common symptoms of vertical heterophoria are dizziness and headaches.  Patients can also experience motion sickness, feeling of drifting to one side when you walk, head and neck pain, head tilting to one side, anxiety while driving, anxiety while walking around big malls or department stores, agoraphobia, double vision and difficulty focusing with your eyes.

Most of the patients that have the above symptoms have already seen their primary care doctor, ENT, neurologist and many other healthcare professionals.  These doctors generally classify them as “migraine sufferers” and sometimes tell them that they cannot find anything wrong with them.  The patients have no idea that it could be their eyes causing these medical problems!

Binocular vision disorders are often seen in patients after they experience head trauma and concussions.  Sometimes the head trauma happened much earlier in their life and they have been suffering for many years.  Binocular vision disorders can also be found in many children that are learning disabled or have ADHD.  These patients have trouble focusing up close and are sometimes misdiagnosed with another problem when they really have a problem where the two eyes do not focus and work well together.

Expect to be in the office for about 2-3 hours for your visit.  About 90 min of that time will be spent with Dr. Sonneberg for your evaluation.  After wearing the trial prism glasses for about 20-30 min in the office, most of our patients will feel about a 30-50% reduction of their symptoms.

Dr. Sonneberg is the only eye doctor in Florida to have trained under Dr. Debby Feinberg of Vision Specialist of Michigan.  She is the only doctor in Florida to work with small amounts of prism to realign the eyes using the Feinberg method.

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