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Vertical Heterophoria

Vertical Heterophoria is one type of binocular vision disorder (BVD).  When the eyes are misaligned vertically, there are corrective measures taken by the eye muscles in order to keep the eye images clear, in focus and single.  This results in overuse of the eye muscles making them strained and fatigued which often results in many of the symptoms of BVD

Vertical Heterophoria causes symptoms that you would not normally associate with or attribute to a problem with your eyes.  That is why it is so difficult to diagnose and the cause of these symptoms are, in fact, often  misdiagnosed.  Dr. Erin Sonneberg, OD is the only doctor in Florida that has trained directly under Dr. Debby Feinberg, the founder of Vision Specialists of Michigan, the world’s leading practice for diagnosis and treatment of BVD.  Dr. Sonneberg is now certified in the specialty of neuro-visual optometry and is skilled in the diagnoses and treatment of Vertical Heterophoria and other binocular vision dysfunctions.

Vertical Heterophoria Symptoms


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