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Florida’s Only Neurovisual Optometrist


Binocular vision dysfunction is a disorder in which the eyes have difficulty working together as a team. This leads to muscle fatigue and eye strain which, if severe enough, cause a host of painful symptoms. Chief among them are headaches and dizziness, but they may also include panic attacks, anxiety and motion sickness.

The body works to correct the misalignment by overusing the eye muscles and, in doing so, severely strains them. This strain is what causes the symptoms of binocular vision dysfunction. Vertical heterophoria is a type of binocular vision dysfunction that is caused by an imperceptible difference between the height of the eyes. Vertical heterophoria is an inherited condition, but other instances of binocular vision dysfunction can be the result of trauma, such as a fall or car accident.

It’s Time to Reclaim Your Life

Many patients who have binocular vision dysfunction have been misdiagnosed with everything from migraines to Meniere’s disease. Sadly, many physicians dismiss the role that the eyes can play in these painful symptoms. Dr. Sonneberg is one of only eight certified neurovisual optometrists in the country and the only one in Florida. She and her team offer relief and effective treatment to those suffering with the debilitating effects of eye misalignment conditions.

In addition to these specialized treatments, we also offer comprehensive eye care for the whole family. NeuroVisual Specialists of Florida and iSee VisionCare is proud to be the trusted name in eye exams, contacts and glasses in Boynton Beach, FL.

Areas We Serve

Because NeuroVisual Specialists of Florida and iSee VisionCare is the only neurovisual optometrist in Florida, many of our patients travel a long distance to be treated by us. We also serve patients in the following areas:

We Can Help

If you are struggling with headaches or dizziness related to eye movement, stop the suffering. The team at Florida’s only neurovisual optometrist is ready to help you. Call NeuroVisual Specialists of Florida and iSee VisionCare today at (561) 733-9008 or contact us online.