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How Do You Know If You Are Suffering From BVD?

Click the link on the top of the page to take the test!  This test is a scientific questionnaire that has been used for over 25 years.  This questionnaire allows us to know if you will be a good candidate for this type of exam.  Once your questionnaire is submitted, it goes directly to Dr. Sonneberg’s email, where she personally reviews every questionnaire that is submitted.  You will receive a call back from our office within 24 hours to discuss your results.

Treatment of BVD and Vertical Heterophoria:

Dr. Sonneberg does a special evaluation of the muscles of the eyes.  This is a completely non-invasive evaluation that uses special lenses and lights to see which muscles are not in alignment.  She will then use prism lenses in a pair of glasses to realign the muscles. Prisms are special lenses that move images to where the eyes natural position are.  This way the eyes are relaxing while the glasses are doing the hard work. When you wear prism, it looks like a regular pair of glasses. No one can tell they are different types of lenses.

By using realigning prismatic spectacle lenses, the strain and fatigue within the visual system is reduced or eliminated. The average person experiences a 30-50% reduction in their symptoms almost immediately in the office and a 70-80% reduction of symptoms in the first few months of wearing their prism glasses!

To learn more about this process, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Sonneberg, OD today!

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