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Neurovisual Treatment in Delray Beach, FL

Delray Beach FloridaNeuroVisual Specialists of Florida and iSee VisionCare is a full-service optometrist and the only provider of neurovisual care in the state of Florida. Dr. Erin Sonneberg treats patients suffering from the effects of binocular vision dysfunction (BVD), a condition that’s caused by eye misalignment. The patients we see have often been misdiagnosed by other doctors or lived for many years with painful symptoms like anxiety, panic attacks, dizziness and headaches. Now there’s help for people with BVD and Vertical Heterophoria in Delray Beach.

What is Vertical Heterophoria?

Vertical Heterophoria is a form of BVD caused by a slight misalignment of the eyes. Symptoms include nausea and dizziness with eye movement, such as while driving or moving quickly. Vertical Heterophoria is often misdiagnosed as vertigo or migraines.

In addition, sufferers of vertical heterophoria often complain about severe pain at their temples or in the back of their heads. Other symptoms include neck ache, shoulder ache and a feeling of heaviness at the crown of the head. This pressure is comparable to sinus-related pain. Often, vertical heterophoria causes a noticeable head tilt. Patients with BVD or vertical heterophoria may also experience anxiety in crowds and difficulty driving.

How We Can Help

If you are suffering from the effects of an eye misalignment, NeuroVisual Specialists of Florida and iSee VisionCare can help. We will prescribe a pair of aligning prismatic lenses that will ease the muscles around your eyes, alleviating many of your symptoms almost immediately. Over the course of two to four months, we will adjust your prescription, easing the muscles progressively and eventually correcting the misalignment. For many patients, this treatment is life-changing and allows them to go back to enjoying time with their family, exercising and even driving.

Get Your Life Back

NeuroVisual Specialists of Florida and iSee VisionCare is the only neurovisual optometrist in the state of Florida. If you suffer from vertical heterophoria or need an optometrist in Delray Beach, we can help you. Call us today at (561) 733-9008 or contact us online.