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Some eye conditions may not cause obvious symptoms like eye strain or visual changes in their early stages. This is why having sharp vision may not always mean you have good visual health. The most reliable way to ensure your eyes are healthy is to have them examined regularly.

Why Are Regular Eye Exams So Important?

Today, NeuroVisual Specialists of Florida explains the importance of having routine comprehensive eye exams.

Regular Eye Exams Help in the Early Detection of Underlying Health Problems

During an eye exam, we will begin by discussing your medical history. We may ask if you have any pre-existing or hereditary conditions that may affect your visual health. Next, we’ll have you undergo some tests to check for any ocular irregularities. We use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure an accurate diagnosis. This can help us detect not only potential vision errors but also underlying systemic problems.

Regular Eye Exams Allow for Prompt and Effective Treatment

If we identify a vision-threatening problem, we’ll then create an appropriate eye care plan to manage the condition. You can count on us to consider your personal circumstances when doing so. If we find signs of a binocular vision disorder, for example, we’ll explain how prism lenses may help correct this problem. 

Regular Eye Exams Offer Cost-Effective Benefits

A regular and complete eye exam maintains not only your visual health but also your overall well-being. If you have pre-existing eye conditions, managing them early means you won’t have to spend as much on more complex procedures later. With good eyesight, you can undertake your daily tasks safely and efficiently.

If you’re experiencing eye strain or other eye care concerns, NeuroVisual Specialists of Florida has the equipment, knowledge and skills to help you. Call us at (561) 733-9008 to schedule an eye exam. We serve families in different FL areas, including Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Lake Worth.

Dr. Erin Sonneberg, OD, received her Doctor of Optometry degree from New England School of Optometry in Boston, Massachusetts in 2004. She completed her undergraduate studies at City University of New York, Queens College in 2000, where she graduated with honors in business. Dr. Sonneberg relocated to Boynton Beach, Florida, in 2006, and has been practicing alongside prestigious ophthalmologists in the area since that time.