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I was having trouble sleeping the other night because my mind was racing with all the things that I needed to do the very next day.  As most working moms do, I juggle the kids, dinner, homework, packing lunches and OH YEAH getting my very own practice off the ground!

As I was twisting and turning in bed a thought occurred to me:  Why should someone looking for an eye doctor choose me instead of the optometrist down the block.  It’s a good question and one that I will answer for you.  I believe that there are many reasons why my practice will be different and superior to other local optometrists and especially when compared to the corporate optometry chain stores.
The most important difference between iSee VisionCare and other optometry practices is that at iSee VisionCare you will have ME as your eye doctor.  I have never been one to brag or sell myself, so saying this goes against my nature.  However, I not only LOVE what I do but I am extremely passionate about it as well.  I have many loyal patients who have followed me to each of the locations I have practiced in until now (and THANK YOU to all of you!).

I am committed to spending the necessary time to listen to what brings you in to my office and making sure that you leave feeling that I have addressed all of the reasons for your visit.  I will answer all your questions in a very clear manor without all of the confusing medical jargon.  I promise to greet you with a smile and treat you with respect, but most of all I promise to take really great care of your eyes.  I believe that your experience at iSee VisionCare will be extremely pleasant and rewarding.

Please stay tuned for my next blog post in which I will describe my comprehensive eye exams that will also make iSee VisionCare stand out.

I look forward to seeing you soon!