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With all the festivities on New Year’s Eve, make sure you don’t forget about eye safety. In this post, iSee VisionCare, a reputable expert in vertical heterophoria and eye care services, lists a few tips on how you can keep your eyes safe during the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Open Streamer Poppers and Holiday Crackers Away From Your Face

Be careful of using party poppers, and make sure they’re away from your or anybody’s faces when opening them. While confetti, streamers, and glitter can make the occasion a little more colorful and sparkly, keep in mind that small objects like these can get lodged in the eye or cause abrasions and scratches on the surface of the eyeball.

Make Sure You Know How to Open a Bottle of Champagne Correctly

Here’s a useful tip: Chill the bottle first, and control the cork by placing your hand over the top as you take off the wire. Do not point the bottle at people or use a corkscrew for champagne or other bubbly drinks. Also, if you experience dizziness while driving, stop at a safe location as soon as you can. Have someone else take the wheel, or don’t drive at all when you’ve had some alcohol.

Don’t Get Too Close to Fireworks

Fireworks can spice things up on New Year’s Eve, but they’re obviously not the safest way to celebrate. If you really want to light some fireworks, though, make sure you’re sober and practice caution. Observe the recommended distances, and check the kinds of fireworks that you can legally use.
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Dr. Erin Sonneberg, OD, received her Doctor of Optometry degree from New England School of Optometry in Boston, Massachusetts in 2004. She completed her undergraduate studies at City University of New York, Queens College in 2000, where she graduated with honors in business. Dr. Sonneberg relocated to Boynton Beach, Florida, in 2006, and has been practicing alongside prestigious ophthalmologists in the area since that time.