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The most important way to get your child ready for school…….

I know what you’re thinking….

New shoes.  New backpack.  School supplies.  Clothing.

But, stop and think about it.  What does your child really need to be ready for school?? 

Excellent vision!  Yes, 80% or more of learning is done with the eyes.

It is a common misconception that vision screenings performed on children at the pediatrician’s office or at school is sufficient.  This type of vision screening is NOT a vision exam nor can it take the place of one.  The American Optometric Association estimates that these vision screenings detect only 10% of vision problems.

Can you determine if your child has good vision? NO, you cannot.

Will your child tell you if they cannot see clearly?  Studies show, NO, they won’t.  Your child’s vision is the only vision that they know – they do not know that their vision can be any other way, that it can be improved. 

Your child needs an excellent vision evaluation.  A thorough vision evaluation will not only test for blurry vision, but also for how well your child’s eyes work together as a team.  Many reading and learning difficulties actually stem from the eyes not properly working together.  The failure of the eyes to work in unison is called a binocular vision disorder (BVD).  Not all eye doctors check for eye misalignment or BVD, and in fact, most do not. 

Dr. Erin Sonneberg at iSee VisionCare is a certified Neuro-Visual specialist and has received highly specialized training in diagnosing and treating eye misalignments.

To find out more about binocular vision disorders and to see if that might be the cause of your child’s learning difficulties, please call iSee VisionCare at 561-733-9008.