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I recently embarked on an amazing journey becoming a neurovisual specialist.   What is that you might ask?  It is a sub specialty that works with very small misalignments of the two eyes.

Did you know that there are six muscles that surround each eye and that coordinate the movements of the eyes?  In order to achieve perfect binocular vision and to avoid double vision all 12 muscles must work together so that the eyes point directly at the object being viewed.

When the eyes cannot perform this eye teaming task accurately, this is referred to as binocular vision dysfunction (BVD).

I recently spent six days training under the founder of Vision Specialists of Michigan and the nation’s leader in Binocular Vision Disorders (BVD), Dr. Debby Feinberg.  In Michigan I learnt about these small misalignments of the two eyes that are often missed on a routine eye exam.  Not only that, most of the symptoms of BVD are normally not recognized as being associated with your eyes.  Most patient have been to numerous doctors, have had numerous tests and have tried many medications with minimal relief!

Some symptoms of BVD are:



Feeling lightheaded

Double vision or shadowed vision

Motion Sickness

Difficulty reading

Poor depth perception

How does someone end up with a binocular vision dysfunction?  Well, you are either born with this condition or you can acquire it from a concussion or traumatic brain injury.  Most patients that are born with this condition can compensate while they are young and their symptoms become more dramatic as they get older.

This condition affects your neighbors, friends and maybe even you- it is more common that you think!

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