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~~The WOW warranty – exclusively at iSee VisionCare!
What is our WOW warranty?  Why I thought you would never ask!
You may be aware that some eye doctors’ offices offer a one-year manufacturer’s defect warranty for your frames and lenses when you purchase them.  In order to take advantage of a manufacturer’s defect warranty, however, you are required to show that the frame and/or lenses were defective at the time you purchased them.  Many scratches, breaks or repairs fail to fall under a “manufacturer’s defect” and, therefore, will not be repaired for you without cost.  You may be surprised to learn that some doctors’ offices don’t even offer a manufacturer’s defect warranty.   That means that you might spend a few hundred dollars on a beautiful new frame and if that frame breaks three, six or nine months later you will have to purchase an entire new frame and lens package.
We are proud to inform you that at iSee VisionCare we have established a warranty program that will help you ensure that this will not happen to you.  At iSee VisionCare we offer a “WOW warranty” that will allow you to rest assured that you are covered!  When you purchase any pair of glasses at iSee VisionCare, you will have the option to purchase a one-year warranty for only $25.  Think of this warranty as insurance for your beautiful new pair of glasses.  When you enroll in our WOW warranty program, if your glasses should break or scratch, we will replace them for you free of charge-NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  Your dog ate your glasses? NO PROBLEM!  You sat on your glasses? NO PROBLEM!  Your child ran your glasses over with their bicycle? NO PROBLEM!  I think you get the idea….
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