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~~We all have bills that are piled high and, as a result, we sometimes neglect one of the most important parts of our bodies because “we just don’t have the money for that right now”.
Our eyes and our vision are very often taken for granted and neglected.  However, we only get one set of eyes and they need to last us for a very long time – the negative impact of failing to properly care for your eyes could potentially be catastrophic.  For that reason alone, we must ensure the health of our eyes with routine, comprehensive eye exams.

In order to assist in allowing individuals to receive the eye care they need without worrying about whether they can afford it, iSee VisionCare is proud to now offer “Care Credit” as a financing option.  Care Credit is credit card that offers six months of interest-free financing for certain health-related services, including, of course, vision care and eyewear.  If you are interested in utilizing this service to finance an exam and/or the purchase of glasses and/or contact lenses, you can fill out the application in our office and within seconds you will find out the amount of credit for which you have been preapproved.  You can also apply for Care Credit in advance of your visit by going to and completing the online application. The process is easy and painless, so please give us a call today at 561-733-9008 and schedule your eye exam.  Don’t forget to browse our gorgeous designer glasses as well – again, they can be financed too!  So come in and leave your worries behind.  We’ve got you covered!